Sweet Bobby and the uptown girl...

So sayeth a recent entry from APC founder, Jean Touitou's blog...and, with a link to the image from APC's homepage, he adds the following "It looks like Bobby just picked-up so uptown girl, and she takes him to the beach house". "Lucky old Bobby", say I...with nary a beach house looming in my future.

It is interesting, though, to hear what the inspiration was behind their Spring/Summer collection...now some elements make a little more sense...the sailor dress, the seashell necklace, the reefer-esque jacket...though the vaguely Sprouse-for-Louis-Vuitton leopard print is still a little confusing, not because it's leopard print (she is an uptown girl after all) but because it is awfully similar to Vuitton's pattern.

Explanations in place I am still a little disappointed though...both last season (to a greater extent) and now this season have left me with a sense that something is missing. These are still wonderful basics but they're lacking that spark that always drew me to APC in the past...maybe with a ton of APC in my closet I'm just getting jaded, but I don't think so...fellow APC addicts, what do you think? Yay, Nay, or somewhere in-between?

The good news for the eternal optimist (deeply hidden) inside me, is that the Autumn/Winter collection is looking good...at least, this image from the look-book shoot is. Even though this is part of the men's collection, the shredded knit is calling to me in a very "APC of days gone by" kind of way.

Note: this image was removed as the "shredded vest" was not part of APC's future collection...


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  • editor said...
    8:42 AM
    when i saw the spring apc collection, i knew that i would not be shopping apc until fall (or at least now you give me hope that i might want to by then).
  • enc said...
    7:20 PM
    I'm undecided about the women's offerings, but I do like that slashed-looking sweatervest for guys.
  • Anonymous said...
    3:04 AM
    the spring collection is an improvement from the winter collection, which honestly depressed me especially in comparison to the previous winter stuff.

    this spring collection does not compare to last years though. it is on the shapeless and boxy side, although i do like the jewelry. the shoes are unimpressive and ridiculously priced.

    if apc is going to rehash pieces over and over again, i wish they would re-release some of their better ones, like the adorable short sleeved boxy cord romper dress from last winter.

    what i loved about apc are the cool quirky details. it's become increasingly uninspired. :(
  • erica said...
    8:55 AM
    feeling a little indifferent about a.p.c. last season's offerings grew on me (too little, too late), so maybe i need to give this season more time.

    i agree about the shoe prices though. $250 for moccasins? a french company is trying to sell americans ridiculously expensive mocs when we have nice options like quoddy trail? is touitou trying to be ironic?

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