"Put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better"

Once again...because nothing makes my inner cheapskate rejoice more than freebies...I need to thank Kiehl's for their generous sample policy. This time a trip to the store garnered numerous packets of their Leave-In Conditioner with Coconut Oil (inner cheapskate cries, "yay...free goop!").

If you're a frequent reader you may remember my search for the ultimate hair conditioner included a foray into the kitchen and a couple of cups of olive oil (file that one in the "messy, yet effective" category). And I have to admit that when I saw the thick, paste-like essence that appeared from the sample packet I was a little worried...the olive oil was washed out before I had to face people, but Kiehl's gunk was supposed to be left in.

Once it dried though my hair was positively bouncy...looked healthy...and had curls where none had existed previously. In short, this is good goop! Thankfully I have several more free packs to work through before I actually have to shell out hard cash for this...a much needed post-Christmas financial respite.


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  • editor said...
    12:27 AM
    you're a condition freak too?
    i will check this one out asap.

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