How far is too far?

Let me answer Members Only jackets is officially "too far". And, if their mere existence wasn't bad enough, there's the $600 price tag. Let's be honest though, their existence is enough...and it's pretty much a given that combinations of Juicy sweatpants and M.O. jackets will be hitting sidewalks near you in the very near, run for your lives!

I actually had one of the original jackets...a gift from a friend of my mother's from a slightly bilious grape color, its "cool factor" had to be explained to a small Scottish child (i.e. me). I "thanked the gentleman nicely" and then put the jacket in the back of my closet. You know what they say, "Never except candy, or ugly jackets, from strange men".


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  • editor said...
    9:19 AM
    whoa. this is scary. officially.
    i believe an applicable expression for when the fashion "authorities" do this type of thing is "scraping the bottom of the barrel."
  • WendyB said...
    3:48 PM
    Funny! I wandered into Bendels today and they had a big Members Only display. I thought there were tons of totally cute little leather jackets. If they had a different label on them, I bet you'd find at least one that you'd like!

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